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If you’re not actively monitoring or maintaining your online business reputation, your clients, staff and competitors are more than happy to do it for you.”

You Really Really Need a Communications Strategy

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“It’s time for your company to get social”

To attain ROI through social media you must maintain a consistent presence, engage with followers and clients, and show your industry expertise.



FollowLet us design a plan that meets your company’s unique needs. From simple social posts to managing engagement, we can help you enter the social media revolution. We can redesign your company social pages with graphics and a company summary that highlights your company’s customer focus, industry knowledge and quality services.







ProfilesHow influential are your company’s top executives and managers? Potential clients like to know that the company’s  they do business with have employees that are knowledgeable and invested in the industry. What do your company’s executive profiles say about your leaders? Professional pictures, well thought out summaries and posts should reflect your company’s missions and goals.






WritingEstablishing industry influence, brand awareness and gaining a competitive edge requires a targeted communication strategy. Whether you choose to publish an executive blog post on your website or thought leader articles in industry publications, the Gija Group can help. Our background in the default mortgage industry is extensive. We can draft articles that highlight your company’s service and expertise giving you a competitive edge in a crowded industry.





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