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Check the copyright date on your company website, if it is out of date, so is your website. Your website is the first place potential clients and employees will look for information about your company. It is also the hub for your news releases, client alerts, newsletters and social media link backs.

Your website is a powerful marketing and communications tool. It’s time to update, maintain and take advantage of all the possibilities your website can provide.

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There are a lot of online companies that allow you to build your own website. Simply upload your logo, drop this text box here, drag that text box there and you’re open for business. However, some businesses choose to hire professional website designers to build websites based on complex business requirements allowing your site to have logins, forms, videos and more. It really does not matter whether your website is a simple five page design or more complex in nature, it will need written content that engages, educates and helps visitors and clients learn and make decisions about doing business with your company.


But Default Servicing Websites Are Static and Have NO Visitors, Right? 

Not exactly…

We understand that, typically, website content for the default servicing industry is often a static explanation of services with a splash of career opportunities, client/vendor logins and contact directories. While industry web pages are most often visited by clients and contractors logging into a secured portal, your website’s secondary audience should be considered when you draft page content. That secondary audience includes potential clients, staff and industry journalists visiting your site to learn more about your company. Additionally, connections and followers from your social media company pages or management profiles will visit your website. Finally, your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts should be used to post interesting news and link visitors back to your website.

What Does Your Company’s Website Look Like?

Check out your company website right now. What will visitors find? Outdated information? Pictures and bios of executives that left the company years ago? Broken links and abandoned news feeds from 2013? If the color choices, sidebars and graphics look dated, it may be time to refresh your company’s image. Making sure your content is current and relevant is important, but so is settling on a style that reflects your company’s professionalism and industry leadership.

If you’re in business, you’ll need a website to present your menu of services and to show your company’s unique ability to provide that service better than your competition. You don’t have to be the biggest company to compete, but you do need to provide a compelling reason why clients should choose you as their service provider.  A well-designed website that has content written specifically to showcase your company’s unique qualities and culture should be the foundation of your online presence.


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Use social media and newsletters to send potential clients, staff and journalists to your website.

“Take a look at the year on your company’s copyright date, if it is not the current year, it’s time for an update.


Benefits to Updating Your Company’s Website

Attracting quality clients and staff

  • When you deliver a proposal to work for a new client they will most likely “google” the website listed on your business card. What will they find? A copyright from 2008? Grammatical errors and typos? News updates from 2011? While you may have sold them on your ability to provide property inspections, technology or REO services, you are also telling them that you’re struggling to manage the communications aspect of your business. Compliance in this regulatory environment involves exhibiting strong vendor communication and documentation strategies. Current and potential clients may wonder “what else in your office is out-of-date or otherwise neglected?”An attractive and well-written website allows the client to feel that they have made the right choice by trusting your company with their business needs.
  • When you’re looking for talented staff it’s important to remember that they are interviewing you as well. Potential executives, managers and processors need to have an idea of what it’s like to work for your operation. A web page that explains your company’s mission statement can help them prepare for an interview and ask questions that help you and the candidate determine if they are a good fit for your company.

Collect Information, Provide Information

  • Adding a sign-up for a newsletter or client alerts helps you to collect information about your clients. A form can include questions about client interests, industry topics, or opinions on industry trends. Use this information to proactively answer client questions on an FAQ page. Use information to create industry solutions in the form of new products or services.
  • Send clients specific information regarding your company or tell them how your team will respond to compliance or other legislative changes. Let your clients know you are on top of the latest news. Collecting subscribers and having a strategy for sending crisis communications, weather alerts and responses puts you ahead of your competition.

News and Blogs

  • Company news such as enhanced services, technology upgrades, executive promotions or charitable and social responsibility initiatives are perfect for making your website a little less static. Creating a page where your CEO or President delivers a 350-500 word blog each month bolsters your company’s industry thought leadership position. Further awareness of your company by marketing your blog posts on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Just be sure that the social sites include a link back to a relevant and updated company website.

Highlight Your Services

  • How are your inspection and property preservation services superior to the competition? Do you have the best client services staff? Are you the leading REO brokerage in your region? Your services page can showcase your ability to stay up-to-date with regulatory changes, local ordinances and other issues important to your clients.
  • You can further establish your business by investing in a professionally designed logo. Your budget may require you to go the DYI route, but before making that decision check out the sites of your competitors and determine where your website (content, design and logo) is better or worse.

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