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Let us design a plan that meets your company’s unique needs. From simple social posts to managing engagement, we can help you enter the social media revolution. We can redesign your company social pages with graphics and a company summary that highlights your company’s customer focus, industry knowledge and quality services.

Post Consistently

Your social media pages require consistent updating. Don’t waste an opportunity to market your business or establish your industry leadership. This means, you’ll need to post updates at least 3-5  business days each week. Your posts should be is timely and relevant to your followers.

Know Your Followers

Your goal is to post news and information that is valuable to your followers and prompts them to  share or like your messages. But who are your followers? Where do they work? Are they prospective clients? Industry leaders? It is important to inventory who is following your company on each social media page. You’d be surprised at the diverse connections that make up your audience.

You will definitely need to determine your ideal audience and then attract and invite them to follow your social pages. Knowing your followers interests is vital to posting content that gets likes, shares, and new followers.

Comment | Like |  Share

Your company or executives should follow known industry leaders. More than that, they’ll need to like, share and post comments to engage those industry leaders.

Integrate Social Media into Your Traditional Marketing Strategy

Your traditional marketing strategy should include using social media to further its reach. Integrating social media allows you to get instant feedback from followers who are made up of clients, staff, journalists and other interested parties. Go beyond posting a news release on your website and spread your good news on social. The feedback can help your company to  create brochures and other materials that effectively convey your message.


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